Friday, March 7, 2014

Little Altered Hearts: Hedgie and Squirrel

Two little (3.5 inch!) Flat hearts that I whipped up.

I glued some plain muslin down to a heart on stiff felt.  A little inktense washing and stamping, followed by hand embroidery, bead embroidery. The bead edge is a picot done with size 8's - a little wonky but charming more or less. I'm trying to figure out a way to handle these thick fabric sandwiches without the edge being so time intensive :(

The images are both from, then printed out onto inkjet fabric. "Nut" is hand stamped.

Both pieces are then backed in thicker white denim type fabric.

A vintage German milk glass flower and a new czech flower bead. For this one, I just did a six bead looped fringe around the edge over and over. It covers anything that's fraying. It takes for-e-ver though. Ugh. Don't forget to tie off your work every inch or so - so if you ever do get an unravel it doesn't take the entire edge apart.

These are a great way to use those "too small to use too big to throw away" pieces of fabric, mostly trimmings from larger projects.

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